Saturday, October 08, 2011

its time for happy papercraft again. this time its internet box cat papercraft fun and it really moves thanks to magic and internet cats. everyone likes cats and everyone likes cats in boxes so now you can have both.

click on the little image on the left here to make it go bigger for you to print out (note- if it doesn't go bigger right click and open the image  link in a new tab or window). you can cut it out and put it back together to make a internet cat of your very own for cat in a box fun

make sure you use thick paper or nice card, it can tear underneath the paw lever if not or if you kitty is too heavy, you can use the optional base or tape along the inside bottom if your worried

here is a happy instructional video to help you if you want...


  1. I made it and it works! So cute!

  2. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I absolutely <3 your blog.
    Soo... CUTE!!!

  3. Anonymous6:17 am

    Awesomely CUTE <3 And I loved the music from the video.... keep with the good work

  4. im a big time tubbypaws fan, ive been checking it since it was first launched. yet you still amaze me every day. awesome papercraft!

  5. How do you print it out? It doesn't fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 paper!

  6. smekoso6:47 pm

    brillante carnal muy buen blog!!!!
    esto es inovacion y no chingaderas de otros sitios!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    That is very cool. I liked making that cat, it was fun! Also, the blog is cool! I liked the video too. (:

  8. Anonymous10:54 pm

    soo cute!

  9. That is sooo cute ♥
    Thanks a lot

  10. is soo cute and beutiful