Tuesday, August 25, 2009

meow again, its time for papercraft tribute... this time to the little cat i've seen around who can play the keyboard. All cats can play the keyboard but only some make it to the big time. This is a special papercraft because it can move if you (carefully) turn the little handle. I made this papercraft a while ago but haven't put it out because I think its very hard to make, so I made a happy papercraft instruction video animation to watch to help anyone who wants to try.

I think you should only try this one if you are good at papercraft or really bored though. You have to be very careful when you make it. Sometimes depending on the thickness of you paper or card you have to adjust things like the size of the holes...scary now? woooo, its scary.

click on the little image to make it go bigger, think carefully about this one when you are making it. Also, if you do finish it, don't turn the little handle until it is dry (even then you should be careful) or you will cry when it breaks like I did the first time. Good luck, and Please watch the following video for the instructions or to enjoy and have a happy time (don't blink) and scary...

(please note this video doesn't show every every thing but those bits are easy, please enjoy^-^)