Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tubbypaws has been asked to make a little papercraft city at this year's Gamecity videogame festival in Nottingham, UK and you can too. There is a magical papercraft generator you can use there. It can makes lots of different papercraft buildings and you can arrange them how you want^-^ They will be building LittleGameCity in the circus tent on the market square. If you can and have time make papercraft city time^-^

no one told tubbypaws what happened, it's sad. If anyone still wants to see the magical papercraft generator please tell tubbypaws and I will put it up here in the future.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's time for scary, This is my new papercraft tribute to the scary camera game where you have to walk about at night taking photos. This is tubbypaws most scary game time I think, even more scary than the foggy fog game where you put your hand down toilets a lot.

If you print this out on a sheet of A4 thick paper or card and cut it out and stick it together you can have one too. I think this is the most difficult tribute so Its quite hard to make because it very mini but if you try hard I think you can do it, especially if your hand are incredibly small.

Do your best

(if you click on the image on the left it goes bigger)