Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy tube is pink inside today and happy


  1. Hi there, Tubbypaws! I remember printing off your awesome papercraft as a kid and laughing at the lolcat references and the way you said stuff like "And now you needs to stickz n gluez."

    And now i'm back again, with my own account and blog. So i am wondering why, in all this time, that only a couple of people comment on your blog. It's an awesome blog filled with l33tness and lolcats and most of all, CUTE AND AWESOME PAPERCRAFT!!!!

    Btw, great pictures! Do you have a Deviant Art?


  2. lemon_button9:04 pm

    Ahoy! :P
    i love yourr art, i was just wondering have you just drawn them or made them on computer, please reply back.. i want to know :D