Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hello internet, this is my new happy paper model for people to look at and make, this time to happy fun photo print sticker machine that are nice. Photo sticker machines are the happiest and cutest places on earth.

You can have your own little happy for you to make and enjoy. Just print out the flat design and cut it out and stick together again (click on the little image to make it go bigger). I tried very hard but I couldn’t make the paper model take real photo stickers so you should go to Japan and fine a real machine some time in your life.


  1. Anonymous9:30 am

    Nice one, you're finally back.
    Be the book.

  2. Anonymous11:42 am

    Really really happy to read U again =)D

  3. Anonymous2:44 pm

    That is too cute!

    They have those machines in many Asian countries, to tell you the truth, not just Japan. In Singapore they have whole boutiques with your choice of photo booths. :D

  4. Wonderful papertoy!!
    So kawaii :D

  5. Anonymous7:39 am

    I love your work! They are so cute. :3

  6. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Wow! That was a really cute papercraft. Love your work!

  7. Makes me miss Japan.

    Rakugaki black purikura ^_^

  8. You are made of awesome! I make all your paper constructions, and I adore the Portal one! :D

  9. You could make paper playhouses and tents for cats!! :D You're terribly cute and I don't believe you're real! :P

  10. MumboJumbo2:34 am

    How do you do part C