Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is my new little paper tribute, this time to my favourite walking about in the fog game by Konami. Silent Hill 2 is one of tubbypaws’ number 1 games and I always play every time I am worried that I have brought too much cuteness into the world.

<-----You can make your own little foggy fog game papercraft if you print out this pattern on card or thick paper, cut it out and stick it back together (as long as you don’t stick it back in the exacted same way you cut it out or you will end up with just a flat piece of paper). Click on the little image of the pattern to make it bigger. It’s not so hard to make, just try your best. I found it helped to use a pair of scissors to cut it out as training a kitten to nibble out the pattern could take years and would be something you would have to really dedicate your life to.


  1. Anonymous1:11 am

    I love these. Truly spectacular work.

    Any chance of a Halo one? That, I'd love to see.

  2. Really cute, thanks a lot!

  3. Anonymous3:19 am

    wow thats awesome! You've just made this SH fangirl happy ><

  4. Its cute and creepy at the same time, what a combo, i love it!

  5. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Where's cardboard Pyramid head?

    That would sting like the bee.

  6. Anonymous5:06 pm

    This is lovely! (That sound so weird with Silent Hill stuff)

  7. <3 This is so awesome my head fell off.

  8. So. Awesome.

    Today, you have made a new friend.

  9. Oh thank you so much for this!
    So awesome!

  10. really good work, but in preview pic is not same, is so tetric, but papercraft did not got this blood on walls, James and the nurse is not same too, really exist preview image? really want it that one!

  11. Anonymous1:24 am

    I made it, lovely, it´s easy and the result it´s awesome, it looks very cute near my computer :)
    I want more !!
    a Halo one it´s a good idea !

    U can post a papercraft webs recopilation or anything?
    Thanks a lot, tubbypaws !!

  12. Anonymous1:47 am

    Really Cool! I'll try it out soon.

  13. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Wow, this is great work! Thanks so much for the SH fun!! I can't wait to make it, and tell the gang at the Silent Hill Origins forums!

    - AcroRay

  14. Anonymous10:10 am

    ohh coool ;-)

    please make one for "World of Warcraft" :-)

  15. I came for the Ceiling Cat papercraft, and stayed for this. You are a hero!

    I'm having endless fun watching Ceiling Cat watching James hit nurses. Thank you!

  16. Anonymous4:17 am

    if you make a halo one you must make a metal gear solid one!

  17. Anonymous11:26 am

    ahh this is awesome =]

    I love it ^^

  18. jejejej i just found it and make it all in one letter sheet , it ´s too small and cute jejeje thx ^^ great job

  19. Wow... AWESOME...!!! MARVELous..!!!

  20. Anonymous1:24 am

    This is great.Any chance of one of the original Zelda?