Sunday, May 25, 2008

i like standing here watching when you buy drinks on summer evenings


  1. anxietydecending6:18 pm

    The plant man knows where whe coins will go,
    Plant Man.

  2. Hello Tubbypaws. I love your art and subscribed to your RSS feed.
    May I ask you to use a non-lossy format for your images such as PNG?
    JPG is lossy and reduces the quality of your work seen by the public.

    I really like your art and want to see it in a better format. Thank you!

  3. cx420ns5:49 pm

    i like watching you watch me buy drinks on summer evenings =p

  4. coythot1:30 am

    I seriously love your design art !!
    Keep create like really have a gift.
    (>'-')> *Kiss* from France

  5. Creepingly Adorable!

    I stumbled upon the Tubbypaws blog a few days ago, and cleared the entire archive. These are awesome!

  6. Tubbypaws:

    I think your diction and textual posts are as good as your delicious art.

    you're hilarious to read.
    love you, wherever you are.

  7. Cute. :3

    Would you make a happy fun and scary papercraft of the game Penumbra? There be a super happy demo of the game here

  8. Anonymous6:08 am

    dear tubbypaws-

    thank you for making the internet a better (and more hilarious place)

    much love<3

    a complete stranger/dedicated new fan

  9. coythot2:22 pm

    mainline--life is right !
    you make the internet a better & warmer place.

    we miss you tubby o_Q

  10. loveylove6:15 pm

    omg. scary and cute at the same time! xD